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Our focus is to empower governments, organizations and individuals that share a common vision of a sustainable civilization progression through the Knowledge Economy.

Millennial Goals

It is the goal of the Ark Earth Foundation to build upon the Axiological legacy left by Dr. Robert S. Hartman. Our goals originate in the dissemination of Axiological Psychology into the world in an effort to explore and develop ways and means to create more Goodness in people's lives and to promote peace and understanding throughout the world. The Ark Earth vision is empowering its members to become leaders in building sustainable civilizations. The Ark Earth mission is to eradicate poverty through empowering community development with the gift of knowledge and civilization. The Ark Earth value matrix for its vision and mission is to model, resource, and deploy a sustainable civilization progression based upon peace and prosperity to all emerging knowledge economy participants.
  1. To strengthen the economic and institutional regimes of member countries.
  2. To improve upon the quality of goodness for resident members of our member countries.
  3. To bring about a civilization progression that is engineered upon the principles of goodness, peace and prosperity in our becoming sustainable beings through the use of sustainable technologies as a product and service of the knowledge economy.
  4. Eradicate war, poverty, homelessness, and famine.
  5. Set the course for the signing of new declarations between the human-race and its environment to raise awareness and expectation in order to achieve full sustainability in less than 70 years.

All grants, gifts and awards are subject to territories and/or availability.
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